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Women's Day

The Woman Entrepreneur Who Is Igniting Change in the Society

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Nelson Mandela aptly mentioned and the trailblazing journey of Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi stands testament to the same.

A visionary leader and a phenomenal woman, Dr. Pallavi is creating ripples of change in the society with her innovative approach driven by a global perspective that has contributed significantly towards remodeling the sphere of education in the semi-urban and rural parts of India.
While she dons various hats including that of an educationist, an entrepreneur and a parenting coach, one role that underlines all her endeavours is that of a phenomenal woman. So, in this exclusive interview with Dr. Pallavi, we explore more about her inspiring journey and her take on some less-talked-about issues that woman tend to face even today. Happy reading!

Reaching the Zenith of Success

“The initial days are always a challenge for any entrepreneur until they find their footing in the industry. Gaining consumer trust and building a strong network of people who understood the brand ethos was a key challenge for me. In due course, I was able to address these issues by having an open channel to communicate with my audience and consumers. On the personal front, managing multiple roles within the organization to ensure we function like a well-oiled machine was my priority and I was able to achieve this by delegating work and ensuring we work as a team to achieve one unified goal,” shares Dr. Pallavi.

Donning Multiple Hats
In general, women are required to juggle multiple roles and same the resonates with the everyday routine of Dr. Pallavi. “Oftentimes, they are required to be in more than one place at any given point, causing stress and guilt. Working women are expected to ensure they are giving their 100% at work as well as home. The need of the hour is to cut some slack and ask for help when required. Remote working has eased a lot of hassle for women as they can focus on work as well as home and prioritize as required. There is a dire need to ease the pressure and expectations, which will in turn bring in an overall sense of well-being,” she shares.

Striking a Balance
As an entrepreneur, the toughest thing to do is create a boundary that separates work from everyday life and the same holds true for Dr. Pallavi. However, despite the odds, she makes sure that she strikes a fine balance between her personal and professional life. She affirms, “I do not necessarily think about it as a work-life balance equation but view it from a more practical approach. There are times when work will take over personal life and sometimes, we will have to prioritize our personal life over work. I ensure I give my 100% attention as required and not dwell too deep on creating a perfect balance all the time. The quest to find the perfect balance is a stressor in itself, so I adapt to the situation as required.”

The Taboos That Still Prevail

Despite the rapid urbanization and globalization, there are still a lot of challenges that today’s woman tends to face in her everyday life. Dr. Pallavi emphasizes on the three key taboos that must be talked about:
a. Body shaming: The society that we live in has set standards for beauty based on size, complexion factors that are subjective. Even though men and women both suffer from body shaming it, it tends to have a deeper impact on women. The need of the hour is to stay inclusive and kind. One can bring about a positive mindset by looking at a heathy lifestyle from a holistic view, which includes physical fitness as well as mental well-being. By inculcating habits that promote personal development, we can enjoy a higher level of self-confidence and be comfortable in our skin.

b. Women in relationships are often called players or gold diggers: Majority of the Women today are finally independent and have a high level of self-esteem. Terming or categorizing women based on their partner’s worth is not a yardstick to measure the authenticity of a relationship. What we need to understand is a relationship is an equal partnership built on the collective strength of two people who are in it. As each relationship is different from another, we should refrain from forming an opinion as

c. In comparison to men, women's abilities are often mocked whereas men usually drive drunk: There have been instances when women have had to face the brunt due to gender specific labels and privileges enjoyed by the opposite sex. By virtue, women have had to traverse the road less taken to get the recognition they deserve. However, with changing times, there are a plethora of opportunities for women to make a mark in their own right and stand their ground as well-educated, learned individuals without any gender bias.

Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi, Educationist & Parenting Coach

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