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Teenagers Take Note: Step Out of the Shell, Stay Positive: An interaction with Preeti Daga


The emotional and psychological changes teenagers experience and go through during their teenage years make it challenging for them to express their thoughts and emotions clearly and effectively. At this point in their lives, they must make critical decisions that will enhance their confidence level and set them on the path to success. However, they struggle to deal with perplexing issues without proper guidance or advice. Having a positive outlook on life is imperative for them, as well as being transparent and communicating about their feelings too.

To know more about how teenagers can up their communication game, enhance their networking skills and confidence, and even bid adieu to stage fear, we spoke to eminent lifestyle and career coach, Preeti Daga from Linux World (P) Ltd, who shed light on the issue impacting youth and shared tips and tricks to cope with situations.

Why is it so important to place emphasis on communication skills during teenage years?

Teenage years are a time of rapid change. Children undergo a myriad of emotions as they swiftly transition from the preadolescent stage to adolescence and puberty.

During this age, teenagers tend to develop their own ethics, values, and beliefs, by grasping what they observe in their external environment – this can impact the teenager’s communication skills both positively as well as negatively. And needless to say, what they develop during this age, goes a long way during adulthood. So, it is crucial to pay emphasis on communication skills during the teenage years.

What are some tips and tricks for enhancing communication skills for teenagers?

The foremost tip for enhancing communication skills for teenagers is to have an open mind and listen more than you speak. Never forget that communication is a two-way street, and we are all given two ears and one mouth – which is just a subtle reminder to listen patiently, before putting forth your opinion. In addition to that, always stay cognizant of your target audience. The way you communicate with your teachers, parents, and grandparents would not be the same as the way you communicate with your friends and siblings.

Always pause before you speak and treat everyone you speak to with respect. Pay close attention to the message that you are trying to convey and articulate your words thoughtfully. Staying quiet and shy, not showing interest while communicating with others, and encountering stage fear are some common challenges that teenagers tend to face.

What are some ways to overcome the same?

During teenage, you are suddenly exposed to a lot of external environments and your body is also undergoing an array of changes, which can make it difficult for you to communicate effectively and efficiently. However, you must not lose your calm and stay positive. Do not hesitate from sharing what is on your mind and have an open body image.

To overcome stage fear, try to practice in front of a mirror, turn the negative thoughts to positive affirmations, take a deep breath, visualize your success, and be well-prepared for your presentation on stage.Try to invest your time in personality building and various other co-curricular activities. Step out, play a sport, join a book club, spend time with your family and friends, pick up a new hobby, and most importantly, express yourself!

One final piece of advice for the teenagers?

Teenage is one of the best phases of your life. So, make the most of it, enjoy your life to the fullest, and nurture positive habits.


Bhavya Gaind
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