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Women's Day

Victim card playing is gender neutral!


As the co-founder of the Sparkling Fruit alcoholic beverage brand Fruzzanté, Priyanka Save is dedicated to offering the widest selection of Natural Sparkling Fruit Brews and to expanding the Farm to Bottle concept, delivering the most extensive and innovative product range to consumers. Though, in the course of her successful ride in the men-dominated sector Priyanka readily admits that there have not been many roadblocks in her way, she is aware of the daily challenges women entrepreneurs face when running their ventures. She is aware of what it means to struggle and overcome challenges in order to be successful as a professional.

 As a woman, she views there are several obstacles and roadblocks that women face when trying to navigate their way through their professional and entrepreneurial journeys. As a result of these obstacles, women are prevented from achieving their full potential. It is crucial to extend motivation to other women seeking to pursue their dreams, in light of the obstacles women have faced (e.g. blatant discrimination) and in order to help them achieve their goals.


While sharing her success mantra for women entrepreneurs she admitted that entrepreneurship is overwhelming but it is also very fruitful for those who persevere. “Any business is an investment, and for the first 10 years you need to be patient. In addition to this Priyanka also spoke on vivid issues concerning women at large today”, she shared. 

Answers to be attributed to Priyanka Save, Founder / Director, Hill Zill Wines Pvt. Ltd.

On entrepreneurial challenges & solutions 

My journey as an entrepreneur has been very fulfilling so far despite the usual ups and downs, success and failures. I agree that entrepreneurship is overwhelming but it is also very fruitful for those who persevere. When I look back today, I wonder how did we manage to do this! My biggest support has been my family — from trying the wines to getting the project off the ground. Any business is an investment, and for the first 10 years you need to be patient. I have always looked at my parents who themselves had a very inspirational journey as entrepreneurs. I have witnessed their struggle as well as success in their hospitality venture, something that has inspired me throughout my journey.

As a woman, do you face any pressing issues in the workplace or in society that need top priority in the current environment for women?

If I was to speak for myself, I have been fortunate to not experience any such issues or discrimination. My parents and family have always encouraged me to follow my heart. Having said that, it is not the same for every woman out there. There are several challenges and roadblocks that women face in their professional journey. I personally feel that barring the challenges that need intervention (such as blatant discrimination), women must inspire other women to move forward. As a professional or entrepreneur, we must not be restricted by our gender. If it is about proving our mettle, then that is what we must do.

Capabilities are not gender-specific but rather something that every individual possesses in their own capacity. Step out of your shell as soon as you can because the world is your oyster; learn to be fearless. There is every possibility for you to achieve whatever you want to if you can match high ambitions with higher consistency.

Being an entrepreneur, how do you maintain a work-life balance?

Work-life balance comes naturally if you embark on a career path wherein you can derive pleasure out of your work. This is what I feel because I get to work on my own terms, for which I am very thankful. There are many for whom there is not intersection between their work and personal life. However, embracing and working towards ardent desires that bring joy can derive an inevitable balance between life and business. 


It’s a well-known saying “Age is just a number” and people have proved this time and again be it on physical or mental state of a person. When two people are in a relationship it is a very private thing where matters of concern are within themselves. Why does anyone have to judge or comment is something I have never understood. It could be age gap or long distance or anything thing else is a private matter. Women especially when married or in a relationship with younger men are those people who have followed their heart. Where everything boils down to a biological cycle of reproduction in women is a sick society and the so called keepers of patriarchy will have to change their mental state to ignore this since they can never understand it. I despise this tooth and nail. Woman being judged, based on her appearance, clothing, relationships or how she dresses up. Her status, job profile, working hours, academic credentials, aspirations, or her disposition is used to make judgments about her. All her achievements get undermined by a single sentence, and most of the time, the abusers are women themselves.  It is a mentality that persists in society and the best way to deal with is to be ignore them rather than victimising oneself. Most importantly do not indulge in slut shamming others be it a man or woman. Once we stop giving weightage to this kind of negativity it will dissolve and would not be passed on to the next generation which is absolutely necessary.

I think this discrimination is with both men and women. When one of the people in a relationship is less fortunate, this kind of comment are often made. Again it is an affair
between two people and no one’s judgments matter. 6- In comparison to men, women’s abilities are often mocked whereas men usually drive drunk.

As I mentioned earlier, abilities are not defined by anyone’s gender – it is each to their own. To those who are mocked, I would say let your abilities, achievements, and success speak on your behalf. Work hard towards your goals as it is a life-changing experience and not to prove to someone what you are made up of. It is best to take the example of ants here. They go about their business and work hard. This should be the way to live our life. As for mockers and haters, there is no dearth of such people in society. Rather than wasting our time brooding about what people say, let us focus on getting better.



Women are victimized so often for everything be it domestic or on professional grounds.
Both men and women face discrimination at different levels. And I believe that people do

play the victim card and that’s absolutely gender-neutral. The reason why women get blamed often as they are more emotional and expressive than men. We are vocal about what we feel and if that is thought of as playing a victim card, so be it. Women should not pay heed to such judgments.


Priyanka Save, Founder / Director, Hill Zill Wines Pvt. Ltd.

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