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Women's Day

For a change, Field of Content Creation is ruled by Women

Unlike most other fields where men are the dominant force, content creation is a field that is dominated by women, says Bhavi Chandiramani. As a multifaceted and talented woman she is incredibly passionate about each area in which she excels, be it vivid forms of dance like Kathak which she has mastered, or Ballet which she is currently pursuing, the realm of acting that she explored through the music video ‘Khwaab”, or the realm of creating content. Even though she admits that there are also challenges in the field of content creation, just as there are in any other field as well. This looks like Bhavi is already in the thick of things and has got a great start. Besides working with popular content creators, she has also collaborated with Bollywood actors Raj Kumar Rao, and Bhumi Pednekar for a fun video. In terms of her popularity as a content creator, the number of followers she has with Moj video app is a testament to her success. As we talked to her, we explored her mantra for success, tips for aspiring professionals in her field, and issues related to women she would like to address.

Would you say that women are just as forthcoming as men in the field of Content creation? Is this a domain for men or women?

On the contrary, I feel this field is ruled by women and they are doing quite well for themselves. Content creation has empowered many women, including me, and has made us
independent and creative. This domain is for anyone and everyone who knows how to create captivating content, despite their gender and age.

What are the challenges you face while creating unique and innovative content every time?

Sometimes it gets really difficult to create unique content because everyone follows the same trends while creating their set of content. In these situations, I like to improvise and

do those trends in my own way while trying to make them look unique. I analyze the trend, explore, and research what innovations can be added there. 

Please tell us about your experience while you were filming Khwaab?

It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and working with a talented artist like Anumita was nothing less than a dream. People have always called me chirpy and full of life, giving the ‘cute girl next door vibe and I think the free-spirited Bhavi you see in the music video resonates that vibe. The song beautifully captures the moments of life that bring one closer to their dream, their ‘Khwaab’. I cannot thank Moj enough for having faith in me and providing me with the opportunity. This experience will always stay close to my heart as it was a first yet enriching experience.

Can you tell us about some of the challenges you faced while reaching the heights of your content creation career? What steps did you take to overcome those challenges?

On the outside content creation might look all things fun but sometimes it does get exhausting because of the pressure and high competition. Content creation is an evolving field, where we have some new and innovative creators coming and leaving their sparkle every day. Sometimes I do feel insecure looking at them, but then I just put my focus on myself and my content. I tried to reinvent my ways, be more experiential and innovative with everything I pursue. And yes, I try to stay as consistent as possible in order to not miss any trends or innovations.

Can you describe the issues women will still face in 2022, and how you see them them?

One of the grave issues that women face is equal pay, it is one issue that women face predominantly in every industry, and I feel that it is high time that the norms change. We all
put in an equal amount of time, energy, and hard work yet the disparity exists. I am taking this opportunity to start a conversation about equal pay for all genders.

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

I mostly try to follow a routine where I shoot and work out during the week and leave the socializing for the weekend. Some situations and projects are exceptions where I have to work on weekends too, but I balance it out by taking a day off during the week. I also keep on investing my time in newer dance forms which act as a stress buster and currently I’m learning ballet. 

Do you have any opinion as well as suggestions and solutions to address the following problem that women often face? 

I am sorry for generalizing, but I guess the issues that I have highlighted below are something that almost all women have experienced irrespective of their demographics.

Slut shaming

I think slut shaming is something that almost every girl must have faced at some point in her life. And for what? For wearing what you want to or for saying what to want or for dating

the person you want to or for colouring your hair and I could go on and on. Women get slut shamed for doing the most basic things in life which makes me angry and upset at the same time. When I put out my videos, I also get so many comments about my outfit, my dance video, or even something as basic as my nail polish. Women creators face this on a daily basis, be it derogatory comments or demeaning trolls. It’s high time this ends and the only way this would end is when both girls and boys are treated equally everywhere.

Body shaming

For women, the first thing noticed or commented about in a family gathering is their weight. They are body shamed for being underweight and overweight, but people need to understand that sometimes people lose/gain weight out of stress and unhappiness and every weight loss/gain journey does not have to be celebrated. So, every time, when someone’s weight has changed, we do not have to necessarily comment on it.
Age shaming 

When an older woman gets married to a younger man, her whole life is spent giving justifications on that decision, but if the roles were reversed and an older man got married

to a younger woman, that is totally acceptable and there are no questions asked or judgments passed. I don’t really understand why is society so hard on women and why age shaming only pertains to women? Why do women have a time for everything and once the time has passed, society keeps pointing it out.

I believe in better times, and I admit that these changes will not happen at once and we have a very long way to go.  As a woman, I’m grateful for Priyanka Chopra who has been the
face of change and has lived her life on her own terms as we all must. Your age should not have a say on the things you wish to do and there is certainly no age limit to fall in love. Love does not come in women’s lives with a timeline.

Bhavi Chandiramani, Content Creator

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