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Five Reasons Why Frozen Foods are a Blessing in Winters!

Neeta Malik, Co-Founder, Meatington.

Neeta Malik, Co-Founder, Meatington

The winter season has finally dawned, which has marked the onset of shorter days and longer nights. However, winters are not just limited to that. It also brings along a breeze of coziness and a season of holidays! In this scenario, frozen foods are seen to be one of the most sought-after options for tasty and healthy delectable delights. Packed with good taste, convenience, and effortless availability, frozen foods in winters have become a household in the country.

So, we list down five key reasons why frozen foods are a great option for the winter season.

1. Helps to fight cooking fatigue: As the days get shorter in winters, the workload tends to
increase exponentially. It gets really difficult to juggle personal as well as professional
commitments (especially for the working population!) and that is when cooking fatigue also
tends to kick in. However, the wide range of frozen food and ready to eat meals help to beat the
cooking fatigue in your day-to-day life and frozen food in winters sounds so tempting as well.

2. More time efficient: Most of the frozen food options are incredibly time efficient. They are
easier and faster to cook, which makes frozen food in winters a perfect option for people across all age groups.
What makes them even better is their ready accessibility and convenience!

3. A blessing in disguise on chilly winter days: The freezing winter days call for sizzling hot food
choices. In this case, what can be better than a perfectly cooked bowl of soup or a ready to eat
meal combo? All that you need to do to enjoy this sumptuous meal is just to heat up your ready
to eat frozen food and bask in the warmth of winters while gorging on our favourite meal or

4. Helps to avoid food wastage: As frozen foods have a higher shelf value and it is measured, you
always have the option of cooking just as much as you want and preserve the rest. This helps to
avoid food wastage and promotes fresh eating.

5. Safer and healthier alternates: Bygone are the days when frozen foods were full of
preservatives. With the advancement of research and technology in nutrition and wellness,
frozen food these days is packed with natural preservatives that makes it a safer and healthier
option for everyone alike. Freezing the food helps to keep the micro and macro nutrients of the
meal intact, while also reducing the possibility of harmful bacteria generation.

Additionally, the wide range of frozen food options ranging from quick fruits and dairy products
to ready to eat meal combos, sumptuous snacks, smoothies, and freshly preserved veggies –
frozen foods are gracefully replacing the traditional meals on Indian plates.

Especially in the winter season, frozen foods are proven to be a much-coveted option in modern
households, and the secret certainly lies in its proven health benefits, wide variety of meal
options, time efficiency, and most importantly, mouth-watering taste. Happy winters!

With input from Neeta Malik, Co-Founder, Meatington

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