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Celebs Rave about Farrey: A Must-Watch Movie

Farrey Movie

Celebs Back the Power-Packed Film and Soumendra Padhi’s Visionary Direction

Farrey team and Alizeh have certainly made waves in the industry with their incredible performance. The film, directed by Soumendra Padhi, has been receiving rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. The actors, including Alizeh, Zeyn Shaw, Prasanna Bisht, and Sahil Mehta, have been praised for their exceptional portrayals.

Last night, a special screening of the film was organized, inviting several celebrities from the industry. The response from the celebs was overwhelming, as they gushed over the Farrey team’s exceptional work. They praised the fresh storyline and the talented cast’s ability to deliver powerful performances.

The celebrities couldn’t stop raving about the gripping screenplay, the engaging narrative, and the emotional depth that Farrey brought to the screen. They praised the director, Soumendra Padhi, for his vision and his ability to craft a compelling story.

The performances of the Farrey team were also highly applauded by the celebrities. They commended Alizeh for her versatility and effortless charm, while Zeyn Shaw’s intensity and intensity were praised. Prasanna Bisht and Sahil Mehta also received accolades for their solid portrayals.

While Sonali Bendre and Sunny Deol gave the film a shout-out on social media, wishing them all the best, Ananya Panday shared, “It’s one of the most interesting films I have seen, it is so cool and has a vibe to it. Everyone has performed so well, you have to see it in theatres.”

Cheering for Alizeh and the film, Aayush Sharma said, “It’s a very interesting script, the story is very nice, it reminds me of my school days. I really enjoyed the journey, it’s a very very fresh take and doesn’t feel like it is Alizeh’s first film. Prasanna has also done a great job, but the director has changed the game.”

Iulia Vantur, on the other hand, commented, “I love the message of the film, it’s a very very fresh, young, and different kind of subject. Alizeh is wonderful in the film, in fact, all the kids are so talented. Their performances are very good.”

Mouni Roy also showered praises for the movie, stating, “All four of them have done a tremendous job.” Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh also shared, “We absolutely loved it, Alizeh is fantastic, and we always root for her. We wish the entire team all the best. The entire cast is brilliant.”

Zayed Khan and Sunil Grover also had many good things to say. Zayed commented, “The film is superb, the entire theme is very good. I just loved the way the film is directed. I loved Alizeh, it is a very difficult role to do.” Sunil also expressed, “Alizeh is superb, she is outstanding. The film grips you in a way that you want to know what happens next.”

Katrina Kaif, Kiara Advani, and many other big names were also at the screening and only had good things to say. Right from the announcement, Farrey has left everyone very excited, it even received a standing ovation at the 54th IFFI in Goa. And while its victory march has just begun, there is a long successful journey ahead for this high school thriller drama.

Farrey is directed by national award-winning director Soumendra Padhi and stars Alizeh, Zeyn Shaw, Sahil Mehta, Prasanna Bisht, Ronit B Roy, and Juhi Babbar Soni in pivotal roles. The high-school thriller drama is produced by Naveen Yerneni, Y Ravi Shankar, Sunir Kheterpal, Atul Agnihotri, Alvira Khan Agnihotri, and Nikhil Namit. Farrey releases in theatres on 24th November 2023.

The film Farrey has been generating buzz since its initial announcement, with anticipation and excitement building among fans. The screening, attended by several A-list celebrities, only further fueled the anticipation. The positive response from the stars, including Katrina Kaif and Kiara Advani, is a testament to the film’s potential.

The strong showing at 54th IFFI in Goa further solidified Farrey’s position as a promising film. The audience’s enthusiastic applause during the screening was a clear indication of the high expectations they have for the film. This early recognition sets the stage for a successful theatrical run.

While Farrey’s victory march has just begun, the road ahead promises to be filled with success. Directed by Soumendra Padhi, known for his exceptional storytelling skills, the film has all the ingredients to make it a memorable cinematic experience. The talented ensemble cast, starring Alizeh, Zeyn Shaw, Sahil Mehta, Prasanna Bisht, Ronit B Roy, and Juhi Babbar Soni, brings the characters to life with depth and intensity.

The production team behind Farrey, including Naveen Yerneni, Y Ravi Shankar, Sunir Kheterpal, Atul Agnihotri, Alvira Khan Agnihotri, and Nikhil Namit, has a proven track record of producing hit films. Their collective vision and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the film’s success.

With Farrey scheduled to release in theatres on 24th November 2023, audiences eagerly await the opportunity to witness this thrilling high school drama on the big screen. With its promising storyline and talented cast, Farrey is poised to become a memorable film that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impact. Get ready for a thrilling ride as Farrey takes the audience on an adrenaline-fueled journey.


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