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Candid thoughts of Sonam C Chhabraย on fashion beauty and mental health

Sonam C Chabra
Candid thoughts of Sonam C Chhabra on fashion beauty and mental health – “Youโ€™re right I am the girl you saw at the #IndiaPak match”,’ reads her bio on her Instagram page. You will find many posts on her Instagram that offer fashion, beauty, wellness, and mental health advice that you might find useful and follow. In addition to this, very stylish and pretty Sonam C Chhabra has been a Ted X speaker and creator and Mental health has been a recurring topic of discussion for her, which is evident from her Instagram feed as well.
She emphasizes the importance of discussing mental health openly.” Allow yourself to be vulnerable instead of being too harsh on yourself. Reach out for help when you feel overwhelmed. Invest in self-help books, therapy or workshops. Connect with nature and do one good deed a day”, according to her. Because Sonam’s posts on beauty and fashion are very popular, we also asked her how she takes care of her own skin and beauty, diet and fitness regime in addition to discussing other issues.

HOP: Do you have any skincare routine that you follow on a regular basis so that you can maintain clean, healthy looking skin?
ANS; Yes! I take skin care seriously. Having said that, thought it might sound clichรฉ but what really works is clean eating, lots of water, yoga and sound sleep.

HOP: Can you tell me about your go-to makeup routine when it comes to a casual day?
ANS; Lots of sunscreen, a hint of tint on the lip and cheek and some mascara – Clean and fresh!

HOP: Could you please tell me about a few makeup items that you can’t live without?
ANS; Lip and cheek tint, mascara and any basic nude lipstick are a must.

HOP: You have travelled to many places for work and for other purposes in the past. Would you like to see a place again and again without getting bored of it?
ANS; Rajasthan and Kashmir – canโ€™t get enough of the Rajasthani culture and the beauty of Kashmir. Abroad Iโ€™d love to visit South America again and again – Brazil and Argentina are my favorites.

HOP: How do you take care of your hair when it goes through so much because of styling and heat?
ANS; My mother prepares this ayurvedic hair oil that works well for me. Apart from that regular hair spa and heat protection is a must! Also lots of water and a protein rich diet help in maintaining the hair quality.

HOP: You have provided insights on various mental health topics through your Instagram. How did you get the idea and how do you choose your topics?
ANS; When I was doing community work during the pandemic I realised the importance of mental health. I realised that simply listening to someone made so much difference in their life. A year back I lost a family member and battled with my own mental health. Over time I realised that I should use my platform to help people struggling emotionally and mentally. I choose my topics based on my observation of life.

HOP: What outfit would you say would be appropriate for a casual day?
ANS; A classic white tee or shirt with blue jeans – simple but significant.

HOP: What is fashion to you and who or what is the inspiration behind selecting a suitable look for the event?
ANS; Fashion for me is part of my creative expression. My inspiration comes from my thoughts and emotions. I pick clothes according to how I feel.

HOP: How do you keep yourself physically and mentally fit while traveling?
ANS; I watch what I eat, go for long walks and meditate regularly even when I am travelling. It helps keep me centered.

HOP: What do you do on days when you feel completely drained out and find it difficult to get yourself to work?
ANS: Meditation is the simplest way to align oneโ€™s energies and feel centered. I do small things like basic breathing exercises, listen to happy music or read a good book.

HOP: What is your message to the upcoming generation out there with anxiety and overthinking issues?
ANS: Allow yourself to be vulnerable instead of being too harsh on yourself. Reach out for help when you feel overwhelmed. Invest in self help books, therapy or workshops. Connect with nature and do one good deed a day.

HOP: Do you maintain a strict diet? If yes, what are the things that you intake as a part of your diet?
ANS: I love food so maintaining a strict diet for me is impossible. Though being vegan helps since my choices are mostly healthy. I add a lot of greens, fruits and nuts to my diet. Cutting down on dairy has helped me feel lighter and better. I would recommend going vegan for the environment and your own health.

HOP: What is a typical day like for you?
ANS: My workdays are usually hectic and can go up to 14 hours at times. Despite my long working day, I make time for my family and mediation. I also love spending time with my dogs, itโ€™s therapeutic.

HOP: What are the guilty pleasures in food for you?
ANS: I have a huge, sweet tooth and love desserts.

HOP: What is the most favorite thing about your job?
ANS: Creative expression and travel opportunities

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