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YCF Saathi App: Empowering Bollywood’s Backbone with Digital Support


Film Workers Get a Boost: The Yash Chopra Foundation (YCF), known for its philanthropic work, launched the YCF Saathi App to simplify access to its holistic livelihood program for film industry workers (Saathis). This digital tool empowers Saathis, registered members of the Hindi Film Federation, to leverage the program’s benefits seamlessly.

Building on Existing Support: The initiative expands on YCF’s existing efforts, which include the Saathi Card, offering health insurance, school fee aid, food rations, and more. During the COVID-19 pandemic, YCF also facilitated free vaccinations for film workers. Over 15,000 lives within the Hindi film community have been impacted by these initiatives.

Expanding Reach and Impact: The YCF Saathi App marks a significant step in extending reach and support. As part of the 2024 action plan, the Saathi Program aims to benefit 1,500 new workers. This digital platform ensures easy access to program information, resources, and updates.

Touching Lives: Shamim Bano Samir Shaikh, a film worker and program beneficiary, shared her experience, “A life-altering accident left me wheelchair-bound. The YCF health card offered a lifeline during this challenging time. I am immensely grateful for the Saathi Program.”

Join the Program: The Yash Chopra Foundation strives to provide minimum basic support to its beneficiaries. Applications for new entries in the program for 2024 are open from February 1st to 20th.

This initiative demonstrates the positive impact technology can have in empowering marginalized communities. The YCF Saathi App paves the way for a more secure and dignified future for Bollywood’s essential workers.


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