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Visit ‘Purple Martini’ to witness picture perfect sunset

If you have a penchant and predilection for good music, incredible ambience and sumptuous food over the breathtaking view and the lulling sounds of the languid Arabian sea, the Purple Martini, Anjuna, Goa is certainly is a place to drop in.

Even though I heard a lot of great things about this place, I somehow missed it during my previous visits. However, this time I kept it on my top priorities because it was worth it. Purposely, I chose the crepuscule time as the place is well known for its breathtaking sunset view, perched on the cliff which makes it stand out and give 180-degree view of the azure Arabian Sea to the discerning guests where they can relish their drinks and dig into scrumptious, delectables over peppy music and unwind.
Although, the entry of the place through the narrow and connecting alley gives a bad impression at first sight but, façade is often misleading and holds true for this place. The restaurant was bursting at the seams like sardines in a tin, because of twilight time and everyone vying and trying to occupy the table for the best of the view. We express our sincere appreciation to suave and gracious Saarthak Gupta, who is the brainchild behind the venture called ‘ Purple Martini. He is at the helm of the affair and the man behind this successful endeavor, he ushered in a responsible and mature person to make us comfortable at the venue.

At first sight, the bar and the restaurant reminded me of Santorini Greece for its young and youthful vibe with a rustic and chic interior that displayed the nuances of turquoise blue and white accents.

With a distinct sense of fun and frolic, Purple Martini consists of all the elements that any young traveler is always on the lookout for in a place, be it scrumptious food, great cocktails and mocktails to quench your thirst, flavored hookas, or the peppy and foot-tapping music to let your hair down by the enchanting view and free-spirited ambience.

Even though upbeat music is the USP of the place and makes the ambience lively and exuberant, there are times when you may find yourself enjoying the slower pace and embracing the slower vibe. 

Due to the fact that we are frugal eaters, we restrained ourselves to a few delicacies only, like quinoa salad, fish n chips served with virgin mojitos and pina colada to wash them down. Quinoa salad was wholesome and looked like a complete meal on its own, it was fresh and full of cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, peas, mushrooms, slivered zucchini, and served over a bed of greens and lettuce. I enjoyed the fish n chips that came with my quinoa salad. It was a perfect combination for a healthy, fresh and tasty meal. The fish was tender and juicy, and the chips contributed to the crunch of the meal. The Virgin Mojitos and pina colada’s provided a welcome respite on this hot day.

Credits: Aryaman Narula

I must say that the menu brimmed with gastronomic delights that demonstrated the Chef’s ingenuity, ingeniousness, and aesthetic sense in the small details that were carefully curated while preparing each dish. With our food journey at Purple Martini continuing, we ordered the seared Basa fish with lemon butter sauce. This was incredibly tasty, satisfying to the palate, and felt like we were able to induce a tingle that encouraged us to return to the restaurant again. Despite the fact that we were already full, the chef insisted that we have something for the main course as well. The Biryani he served was accompanied by raita and mushroom tikkas by the side which made it more irresistible. The aromas, flavors of condiments, and the right amount of spices were tantalizing our senses and arousing our appetites as we ate Biryani. Mushroom Tikka was juicy and tasty, seasoned and cooked perfectly.


Credits: Aryaman Narula

The meal was a gustation delight from start to finish. To cap it off, we had chocolate soufflé for dessert. The souffle was soft, moist and melting. In the end, we had a memorable time eating to our hearts’ content, and the taste of nearly every dish left us with a lasting impression. There was also a lot of joy to be seen on the dance floor as young couples swayed to the beats while they enjoyed their drinks and munchies. Many people were also seen having drinks and hookahs with their friends to enjoy the time. As the evening progressed, the music began to get louder and the place started to become crowded and packed, we decided that it was time to bid farewell to the place. Upon leaving the venue we again had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Saarthak Gupta who spoke to us about a capacity increase at the venue and also explained to us that the purple martini venue is being extended and the surrounding areas near the sea are also being added to the existing property.

As we spent two long hours here, for the entire time, we remained transfixed, mesmerized, and captivated by the clear, idyllic blue waters, which kept us hooked for as long as we could. We were treated to an experience that evoked our senses, while also making our entire visit a delightful experience that will live on in my memory for its distinctive features. In a nutshell, it is the most sought-after place in Goa to unwind and for enjoying a romantic getaway over awe-inspiring picture-perfect sunsets.
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