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Netizens Left in Awe of Pritam’s Captivating Composition in Animal’s Hua Main Song

Animal Movie

Pritam’s captivating composition in Animal’s Hua Main Song has grabbed the attention of netizens, leaving them entranced by its magical touch!

Pritam’s magical melody and Raghav Chaitanya’s captivating vocals combine to create an unforgettable musical journey that will captivate listeners and leave them wanting more.


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Experience a musical odyssey like never before! With a soulful rendition by Raghav Chaitanya, Pritam is once again outdoing himself with his spellbinding composition in Animal’s latest sensation, Hua Main.

Raghav’s voice conveys a strong sense of emotion that Pritam’s composition captures perfectly. The notes he sings evoke a range of emotions, from sorrow to joy, and the intensity of the composition perfectly complements the emotional range of Raghav’s voice.

Pritam’s genius has crafted a masterpiece, creating a powerful symphony that perfectly captures the essence of the movie and Raghav Chaitanya’s soulful rendition.

Pritam’s timeless melodies remains unparalleled, setting him apart from the competition and cementing his place in musical history.His unique blend of traditional Indian and western elements, along with his songwriting and production skills, make him a master of his craft.

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