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Sakshi Tanwar : Gleaming in the glory of success


Sakshi Tanwar Is on Her Way to Set New Benchmarks with ‘Mai’

Once referred to as the Soap Queen of Television , Sakshi Tanwar has been a household name for the last two decades for her celebrated television shows including Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki and Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

As someone who ventured into Indian television while the industry was at a nascent stage in India, to garnering appreciation and love for her performances on the big screen in movies like Dangal opposite Aamir Khan, Sakshi has carved out an impressive niche and career for herself.

While taking the plunge into the television industry was not a cakewalk for Sakshi, she took all the challenges in a positive stride and continued to shine brighter with the passage of time. Fast forward to the present-day scenario, Sakshi is again set to create history by marking her entry into the OTT industry with her latest web show on Netflix titled Mai.

A crime and drama thriller, ‘Mai’ features Sakshi in the shoes of Sheel, a loving, doting and docile mother, who sets out to avenge her daughter’s death.In an exclusive interview with Sakshi, we get to know more about her role from being a meek housewife to an avenging mother, who wants to get justice for her daughter.

While it was seen to be a very challenging and unusual role for Sakshi, she aced it with utmost grace and perfection in Mai.

We spoke to her more about her journey from television to OTT, how she signed up for Mai, her mantra for an ethereal and timeless charm, and a lot more.

To know more about Sakshi’s inspiring journey to success and some fewer known facts about this versatile actress watch exclusive interaction with Sakshi Tanwar and read our current issue.


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