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With love for Mother Earth

Conscious Parenting: Sustainability passes through the generations


“How to be the perfect parent?” This is an age-old riddle that never gets solved. When it comes to our children’s well being and safety, one leaves no stone unturned, and yet, the more we do is always the better. Amidst this shroud of security we wrap around our little ones, it’s often the minor things that have massive space for improvement, the things we tend to ignore, like our toddler’s crayons. The tiny pieces of joy our kids colour their imagination with, are often made of toxic substances that are not only harmful but often environmentally lethal too. Crayons are a small child’s best friend, a substance they use often, and this is where the importance of “organic crayons” comes in.

 Non-toxic ingredients: There’s zero reasons to fret when your toddler’s favourite tool is made of clean and organic materials like Soy butter, Coconut butter, Palm wax & Soy wax that are in no way harmful to their well being.

 Food grade colours: Does your little one like to chew on anything they get their hands on? Well, no worries! Made with food-grade colours, organic crayons are tailor-made for teething toddlers.

 Vegan wonder: If you hail from an animal-loving household, organic crayons are an ideal addition to your child’s life. Following a cruelty-free manufacturing process, these crayons embody the humane touch. 

 Environmentally friendly: Produced through natural sources, organic crayons teach an invaluable lesson about adopting an “eco-friendly” lifestyle to your kids, right from their formative years.

 Emoluments and Moisturizers: If your baby Picasso’s prized possession is their colouring book, crayons must be their best friend. Organic crayons act as natural moisturizers, which keep your child’s palms soft and smooth all day.

 Stain free: What makes organic crayons even more unique is stain free properties. Thanks to their creamy texture, parents no longer need to worry about stubborn stamps of crayons all around your little one’s clothes, or even the living room sofa and bedroom sheets.

 Easy shape: Organic crayons are manufactured in a way that makes them one of the most malleable materials. One can shape and sharpen them to whatever degree they deem fit.

 Choices galore: There’s a wide assortment of choices available with organic crayons, from shades that are vibrant and bright to pastels that are subtle and chic.

 A better tomorrow: By encouraging them to think about their holistic health, about other living things and about the planet as a whole, we are imbibing a sense of “responsible ownership” amongst children from a very young age.

Penned by –
Ms Mansi Vyas, Co-founder, Azafran 
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