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Decoding Law of Attraction and Karma to manifest wealth

Aasmeen Munjaal

Meet Ontologist Aashmeen Munjaal to learn how to attract money and manifest your dreams into reality

Being beautiful comes from within, and Aashmeen Munjaal, the Founder of Shukrana Gratitude Foundation believes that using your good karma is key to changing your destiny, bringing prosperity into your life, and becoming your best self and being a true beauty. She was once known as the queen of makeovers for transforming girls next door into beautiful divas. However, now in her new role as an Oncologist and relationship expert, she helps people realize their potential and help them change the way they embrace life and money. She is bringing hope and prosperity to many who are in need of upliftment with her “Money Mastering Program.” We sat down with Aashmeen, to understand the science behind her program and also how her Money Mastering Program works. To understand her perspective and relevant details in depth, here is this detailed and comprehensive interview. In the course of our conversation, we also asked her how she took a plunge into the world of ontology and what initially piqued her interest in the sphere. Additionally, we discussed how the law of attraction, gratitude, and karma work together in our conversation. Decoding Law of Attraction and Karma to manifest wealth with Aashmeen Munjaal.

HOP : Please tell us something about your Money Mastering Program?

By keeping in mind the vision of India being a developed Nation and being a Sone ki Chidiya My foundation launched this 15 days program where audiences like business owners, housewives, students, etc participate to learn how to attract money in abundance in their life through the science and signs of the Universe. Additionally, the programme teaches very simple and basic techniques of Spiritual Metaphysics involving Gratitude and Law of Attraction.

HOP: How did you acquire the passion for ontology?

Ontology is a science of metaphysics where we actually get to the being of a human being. It is the study from being to doing to having, and according to Hindi mythology, it can be inferred as Brahma, Vishnu, or Mahesh. Ontologys domain of being. When one tries to decode spirituality, one can use Science to understand the laws of the Universe. For instance, Newton’s law of Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, similarly, in spirituality, one hears of Karma and how it attracts like. Science and Spirituality are beautifully amalgamated and usually, an individual is so engrossed in materialistic desires and the rush of life that one forgets to focus on their being as it is a human that connects them to other beings, and the curiosity and study of that science made me discover about ontology.

HOP: What are the 5 most important lessons from the money mastering program of the Shukrana Gratitude Foundation?

In the world of Karma, people are so focused on their actions like: If you do this, you will earn money; If you earn profits, you will be rich; to be rich, one must work hard: There is a lot of focus on the actions, however, one is not realizing that: Money is energy/shakti. It has been told in ancient holy scriptures where money was referred to as Maya, or Dhan Laxmi, and was referred to as an influx of Money energy. If one understands that energy can only be in two types: Positive or Negative – so one will be able to balance the money and energy in their life. However, one occupies oneself completely with actions like doing this job, or that business, or investing here, or having these margins. However, in the world of the Money mastering program, you learn the science of Being: what you need to alter in your "Being" in order to attract Money into your life like a magnet.

Just like a Magnet attracts metal because it has the characteristics to attract them, in the money mastering program, you learn how to be a magnet to money! In the 15 days program, you will be doing a lot of practice to alter your being. Being in the study of an individual’s state of existence: one can be in a fearful state of money, feeling disappointed about money, worried, or jealous about someone else’s success. If one is having negative feelings about the area of money in their lives, they will attract more negative situations and scarcity of money in their life.One must consciously choose to have only positive energy about the area and dealing with money: the strongest positive feeling one can have is by the practice of gratitude. The practice of positive emotions will bring more prosperity and abundance in the area of your money.

One must remember: Gratitude is riches. The complaint is poverty. Being careful and conscious about your emotions and feelings will help you consciously choose whether you will be in abundance or scarcity of money. As a bonus: Adding celebrations and excitement to whenever you receive money in your life or things that cost money will attract more money; versus not feeling anything at all while cash comes your way: it may come in way of receiving gifts, or a cashback, or discounts, or maybe someone lent you something you needed: all of them are circumstances of having more money. What you want in the future, add excitement to you as you have already received it.

HOP : How is the concept of making money related to the Vedas? 

Indian scriptures have 4 Vedas which tell the ideal way to live life. Just like the 4 seasons in the year, 4Yugas, and the 4 Vedas talk about how in different phases of life – how should one respond to and balance their materialistic, spiritual life. The Vedas tell the explanatory format of complete human life. Like an individual knows how to react in summer: wear light clothes, stay hydrated, you will need coolers: So you are aware in advance what your requirement will be. You don’t go about questioning why I can’t wear sweaters in the summer. Similarly understanding the Vedas will tell you how everything is pre-planned and how one should keep themselves aligned, even the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji says everything happening in your life is in accordance with the Hukam of the supreme.

The only thing you can do is how to keep yourself in goodness or how happy how things are going in your life. Your action is only how positive or negative you are in everything that comes into your life. Like the 4 kinds of weather, the 4 Vedas detail different phases of human life. The spring, summer, fall, or winter season in the area of your money – was supposed to happen that way. Even this answer to my question is because of the actions I did in the past. All of it is pre-destined based on how I am in the present.Vedas talk not only about money but all aspects of life: karma, donations, actions, and all aspects of life. Whatever you sow, you reap. If you sow neem, you will get bitter fruits. If you sow a mango seed, you will reap sweet fruits. Be conscious of the seeds you sow as that is exactly what you reap.

HOP : What is kaal chakra?

If you look closely all elements of nature are in a cycle, clock, chakra: Water cycle, Life cycle, Season cycle, and Time Cycle. Kaal chakra means Time circle. Kaal is time/waqt/Samay and can be bifurcated as Present time, Past time, or Future time. Often, we worry about how one’s future will be. But it is all the fruit of the deeds you did in the past. Did you think and act positively or not? More than your actions, how you are and that determines the fruits you will bear in the future. You could be very sweet on the face, but really angry inside for someone so how do you count it: positive or negative? Negative!

Pasts whether of this lifetime or previous ones determine your present. The actions and being of your present determine your future. Just like a seed grows into a plantation, grows leaves, and blooms with time – similarly, time matures your actions, and you reap the fruits.

HOP : In what way does Kaal chakra help in increasing the money circle in life?

One can learn to create their good kismat by practicing the law of attraction and gratitude, but the real question is when exactly that wonderful kismat will arrive.Using the Kaal Chakra in the realm of money is a way to predict when money will enter your life. Depending on the time period, an individual is either living in the now or planning for the future.You can begin by expressing gratitude for the money you have previously received in order to use the Kaal chakra to begin the circle of money in your life: Your parents paid for your meals when they brought you on vacation, paid for your school fees, and paid for all of those things out of their own pockets. Your sincere appreciation towards the past when things were bought with money for you would be the initial step in igniting the Kaal chakra.

I advise you to express your gratitude for the past and the present in plenty before moving on to the third phase of gratitude for the future, which is to write down on a blank sheet of paper the precise amount you need and what you plan to use it for. Don’t be vague. Write down the exact amount, and it is crucial to state why you need it: perhaps for your child’s education, perhaps to pay back a loan, to purchase a car, perhaps to remodel your home, perhaps for anything you like. The third phase entails expressing continuing thankfulness for the required sum as if you have already been given it. Doing the above three steps daily in the area of money will start to shift your Kaal chakra and you will see shifts in a few weeks.

HOP : What is the relationship between money and energy?

Everything on this planet is energy. Money is energy.  You consider coins or rupees as money(i.e energy )but the fact is that it is someone, an entity, or a group of people, in India, the RBI has manifested power, and belief in that coin or paper note: which is why it is valuable in our country. If we take our currency outside the nation it won't have the same value in fact it will be of no value at all.So money is not just paper or coin, but is the energy manifested by someone or a group of people and is accepted as a common means for the exchange of goods and services. If you want to attract more money in your life, do not think of it just as a currency, but rather consider it as energy and manifest it.

Know how to pull it off and create it. Like attracts like so if you want to attract money, energy, abundance as well as prosperity you need to feel the abundance of money that you have and you have had. Thinking positively about it will have a great impact. Your practice of gratitude while paying out bills: that thank you universe for making me able to pay the bills and receive that service or product in return.If you want Money and energy to be abundant in the future as well, think of the materialistic thing you want to buy from it: for example an Audi car. When you think of the substance and give positive energy to the materialistic item where you need money, the more grateful and positive energy you feel for it, the faster you will attract your desire.  You can unexpectedly start to see money coming your way, or receive a gift, or receive in the discount form: but the more you are grateful and excited every time you receive money, the faster you will receive the desired item or the money you need it for!

HOP : How to deal with the basic and advanced needs of life when you have a scarcity of money ?

Human needs whether it is basic or luxurious, need a need. If you know the science of manifestation, the law of attraction, the universe will always respond to your needs. The needs vary with people-to-people. The universe will always support your need but never in your greed. You must know the difference between need and greed. The Desire which comes from the bottom of your heart, which you feel like you truly want, is generally needed. And the Desire that comes after analyzing, judging, comparing with others like why does someone have a big house, why don't I have and then you desire a bigger one.

These desires generally come under the greed sector. All these measurements & judgment analyses are a game of your mind. So the difference between need and greed is a part of the ontology which we teach to our students. You should know the universe is always ready to fulfill your needs provided with the formula to get it done. But the universe doesn’t#39;t respond to your greed because greed has no end but need has. Whether it is your basic need or advance, as long as it is a need, the universe will definitely respond to it. If you practice the formula of the law of attraction, manifest it correctly, and follow the Grateful 5-step practices: You can attract your desires in your life.

HOP : What are the distractions in a person’s life that deprive you of the flow of money in your life?

When you don’t feel abundance and feel scarcity in the world of money, that is only a product of wrong things done in the past.Like felt negative about something, maybe complained about something may have felt low such as worrying, anxiety issues, boredom, pessimism, or maybe negatively influenced by friends, being surrounded by negative energy and thinking about how difficult it is to earn money and everything negative about achieving it, then all these thoughts attract scarcity of money. The more you think about this way negatively, the more you are attracting the scarcity of money isn't as well as for your future.The more you think about abundance like if you need hundred rupees but have only 10 rupees in your pocket and even after that you are thankful to God that you have at least 10 rupees, you will attract abundance. Perspective matters, the positive side of any situation, you will eventually experience abundance in the future.


So you need to be very careful that if you are experiencing scarcity presently then what is the reason for it you have to think. Maybe the reason is you must have been complaining about something in the past to your parents or to friends like you donot have money, you are so poor, the financial condition is unstable like all these things. You must know what to speak and what not to speak as energy attracts the likewise energy.

HOP:  How does a person identify the obstacle in the kaal chakra to ensure the smooth flow of money? 

Whether it is in Kalachakra or destiny, there are two things that affect any sector of human being: as they say, you will receive the exact amount of anything based on your Qismat: not more of it, not less of it. Destiny decides more or less. Now the decision of getting something sooner or later is made over time. So, two things are important:- time and destiny.You are the creator of both the things and a Destroyer as well. If you ask how in case of time, For example, if you did something wrong in the past then anything wrong in the future happens, THAT IS ON YOU!

If you are experiencing anything wrong in the present then you must have done something wrong in the past and must have sowed the wrong seeds in the past.You can work things out in the past, present, and future through Kaal chakra by being thankful and showing gratitude. If you ask how to work on destiny, then all your karma and actions decide it.

Destiny is all made up of your karma. Now how to do Karma is how you read anything, how you see anything, the way you see it, how you Listen to it, and so on. How you think about it matters the most: if you are thinking bad about someone you are making your own bad Karma. There are mainly five ways of doing Karma: by writing, by speaking. by listening, by seeing and by thinking of it. So if there is scarcity in something in the present then you must have done anything wrong in any of it. So now how you correct it : Create What You Want, Why you want with dedication, and use these 5 ways to bring it to your destiny. For example, if you want an iPhone and need 100,000 for it then you don’t have to say I need 100,000.You should put your energy on the iPhone: which means you should manifest the substance you finally want.

When you apply all the above 5 steps and you are writing thank you thrice and thrice because it is the way of it, the creativity formula of the universe. For example, I am very thankful for the phone I received for my work by being specific about it while thanking for it. Writing it down and thanking it as if you have already received it is the formula of manifestation: ask, believe, receive. Affirming it by keeping a vision of it, putting it on your vision board, and thinking of it for 8 minutes which is called 8 minutes visualization by concentrating. That is how you can correct the things you have done wrong in the past or sow the good seeds and all the good things you want in your life.

HOP:  What are the things that a person has no control over in the process of money mastering and how can he/she ensure as much less impact of them as possible?

Human being is the creator of his future as well as his destiny. You are asking about things we don’t have control over. Firstly, you need to understand what you actually want. Sometimes a human being is running after money out of greediness but when asked, what is it that you want in life actually, he does not know that. So firstly, you need to know what you want: make a list of the things you want in life. If you want things in monetary terms, you should know how much of it exactly:

like how much money you need for health insurance, or like how much you need for your child’s marriage, small expenses, huge expenses, all of it. It is like, if you go to a restaurant, your order in particular, like which dish you want, how you want it to taste like with what items, you are very specific about it. So be specific, be particular about the things in your life, and then ask it from the universe. Suppose you want any particular model of a car, or a particular model of an I- phone, the color of it…. the more you are specific, the better the order will be placed. Now the first step is to be clear about WHAT YOU WANT.

The second step is WHY you want it. The more genuine your answer to this question is, the better it is. One thing you have to be really careful about is that when you ask the universe about something, there will be an inner voice asking HOW WILL IT HAPPEN? This HOW will bring you in trouble. If you already knew how it would happen, wouldn’t you have already done and achieved it!! You do not know how it will happen, that is why it is your desire. So, now understand, NEVER HOW, JUST ALLOW How: Just leave it in the universe. What you need to do is, suppose if you buy something from the market, you give currency in return. What you need to do here is GIVE HEARTFELT GRATITUDE IN RETURN. Be thankful to the universe for the past, present, future, and everything. Here for the universe, the currency is HEARTFELT GRATITUDE.

This is science, you need to learn how to do things properly, how to be thankful, for what things you need to be thankful for, at what time you thank the universe, before sleeping or at midnight, or in the morning the science of the subconscious mind.All this is deep science. So, you need to be careful about what you have in your hand and what you donot. Sometimes the seeds you sowed in the past need to be changed in the present. If I say that, you need to practice for 10 hrs straight, then some people are so weak, that the seeds they sowed in the past cannot be changed if you do not do the hard work. You need to do the hard work to change your destiny. but for the present and for the future, you can work on it. You are the creator of your own destiny. Start sowing the seeds with gratitude and positivity from today onwards, so that you will get the fruit in abundance in the future. Try to remove the negativity which eats your Whole Dream fruit. SOW THE GOOD SEEDS, TAKE CARE OF THEM, AND RECEIVE GOOD RESULTS IN THE WORLD OF MONEY.




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She has been there and done that. After graduating from Delhi University, she completed her diploma in Journalism from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi. Down the line, she completed her internship with National Herald Newspaper successfully,, and went on to Join Mainline Business daily, Business Standard. She also dabbled in image management and brand consultancy. She is a prolific writer on lifestyle entertainment, branding, lifestyle, travel, and politics. Contact her at [email protected]

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