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Women's Day

Women’s day special: Body Shaming need to stop


Body shaming, according to her, is a serious issue that deserves serious attention. In addition, she feels that nobody in this world is perfect, so mocking others for their appearances is simply unimaginable. Through her work, she is addressing this issue in a sweet and sustainable way. As she offers fashion options for all sizes and offers options that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly, it is evident that she takes the matter seriously.

After leaving her lucrative corporate career, the former jet setter turned her attention to starting her own venture. As someone who is an expert in Brand Building, she realized that trends and excesses are short-lived and that she would be better off dedicating her time to serving solutions that are helpful to both women and the environment. During our conversation, she spoke about the challenges she faced as she worked her way up the ladder of success and issues that she was concerned about for women.

On challenges in career and finding solutions

It’s said that challenges are a part of one’s journey in life. Similarly, I face challenges every day and I try to take out solutions to tackle the same. One of the challenges I often face is time management. As women, we generally wear multiple hats such as being a mother, wife, household manager and entrepreneur, among others. We often have to multi-task which makes it difficult to manage time at work. In order to overcome this, I try to set up a priority list and work towards achieving the targets one by one.

On work-life balance 

Like I said before, I prioritize. On some days, the balance between personal and professional life is great while on other days it’s not. But that’s what life is all about!

On serious issues that plague society

I consider body shaming to be a serious issue. There’s nobody type called ‘picture perfect’. We need to learn to love what we have. Through my brand, Saltpetre, I am trying to take a small step toward addressing the issue of body shaming. Our clothes are size and fit inclusive. We promote comfort sustainable wear.

Society still doesn’t accept women’s potential

Workplaces have really evolved in the last decade and we see that most companies, big and small, are adopting gender diversity. One of the issues that I feel still persists in certain societies is the acceptance of women doing something big, something impactful. A lot of times people feel that if women are working, it’s to pass time or pursue a hobby, however, they need to realize that women are doing serious business.

Ms. Pooja Monga, Founder & CEO, Saltpetre

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