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Vote with Vision: HAI Encourages Citizens to Prioritize India’s Future


KB Kachru: Tourism & Hospitality Sectors are Engines of Economic Growth and Job Creation

As India sets sail on its democratic voyage, The Hotel Association of India (HAI) urges voters to cast their ballots with foresight. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial for all stakeholders to converge on national priorities. President Kachru stresses the pressing need to refocus on tourism and hospitality in India’s developmental roadmap. These sectors not only fuel economic growth but also serve as vital engines for job creation. Kachru highlights burgeoning trends, such as the rise of experiential and sustainable tourism, indicating the sector’s immense potential. HAI calls upon citizens to elect leaders who champion these industries, ensuring a future where tourism and hospitality flourish, fostering inclusive prosperity.

Mr. KB Kachru, recently appointed President of The Hotel Association of India (HAI), articulates succinctly“The time has come for India” he says, “to achieve its true development potential and to become the third largest country in the world by GDP. It is now recognized globally that tourism and hospitality can play a very pivotal role in driving such growth. The Vision 2047 report by HAI indicates that contribution of hospitality sector could reach US $1trillion by 2047”.

Mr. Kachru further stated that India’s population dividend can go awry if employment opportunities are not created. Tourism and hospitality as the largest employer, fill that role. It has been indicated, he said, that properly nurtured, this sector could generate 50million jobs. “We would be happy if all the stakeholders recognize the great employment and growth potential of tourism and hospitality and make it a part of their commitment”, Mr Kachru said.

Expanding on the topic, HAI Secretary General, Mr. Bezbaruah, remarked: “it would be pertinent and in national interest that the two focus issues—infrastructure status at the Centre and industry status in the states find place in the government’s agenda.” The vision of the government to reach US $3trillion tourism economy and 100million visitors requires corresponding creation of accommodation and destination development.

“While such incentives are given to other industries, if extended to this sector they would have a multiplier effect in investment thereby creating corresponding employment opportunities which will be spread over all corners of the country pushing inclusive growth. No development strategy of the country can ignore such pivotal role of the sector or can ignore only at the risk of compromising its vision 47”, Mr. Bezbaruah concluded.

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