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Step into Luxury: The Hobnobbing Extravaganza Beckons!


Dive into Sophistication: The Elite Soiree of the Season!

We had the pleasure of attending a sophisticated and refined soirée, graced by the city’s elite, who gathered to share tales of success, achievements, and the journeys that led them there. The ambiance was vibrant and stylish, with Luxury Consultant Madhavi Advani, from the esteemed Luxury Co. Club, graciously introducing us to these remarkable individuals. The gala unfolded amidst the opulent setting of Delhi’s at Grappa, Shangri-La Hotel, where guests indulged in a lavish feast accompanied by exquisite beverages. Among the attendees were eminent figures, each exuding an aura of distinction and refinement. The names included Priya Shah, Anika Khurana, Mala Kapoor, Kabeer Sabharwal, Capt Sameer Khullar, Vijay Sharma, Raghav Parwani, Archana, Preeti Kumar, Supriya Suri, Parul, Mr Sanjeev Maini, Mr Kazem Samandari and many other eminent figures.

Corporate Connections Leadership Team including Gaurav Singhvi- National Director, Sanjiv Maini- Regional Director welcomed all guests to rejoice the experience and developing meaningful relationships.

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