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Punjabi Sensation Amman Strikes Again with Heartwarming Romantic Track


Amman’s ‘Dil Kare’ Video Sparks Massive Frenzy, Garnering Rave Reviews and High Engagement!

Punjabi singer Amman has returned with his latest romantic track titled ‘Dil Kare’, and immediately after the release of ‘Dil Kare’ the Video by Amman Takes Internet by Storm, Eliciting Overwhelming Response and Admiration! The song beautifully portrays the emotions of a girl deeply in love, penned and sung by Amman himself.


Expressing his motivation behind the song, Amman stated that while he had previously written many melancholic tunes, he aimed for a fresh perspective this time. He emphasized the importance of capturing the essence of a girl’s emotions in love, thus diverging from the usual narrative.

The music for ‘Dil Kare’ is crafted by Grand Singh, while the video is skillfully directed by Fossil Fuel. Amman revealed that despite his long-standing desire to release the song, the collaboration with Grand Singh proved to be the perfect match, with Grand grasping his musical vision effortlessly.

Punjabi Singer AmmanIn praising the video production team, Fossil Fuel, Amman expressed astonishment at the exceptional quality of the final product, crediting them for exceeding his expectations.

‘Dil Kare’ is now available on Amman’s personal YouTube channel. Addressing the challenges faced by Punjabi artists in the competitive music industry, Amman encouraged aspiring talents to persevere with dedication, assuring them that success will eventually follow.

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