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FOOD REVIEW: The Library – one of the best South Indian restaurants in Jaipur


If you like south Indian food along with enjoying a good read, then The Library at Hotel Clark’s Amer is a must visit place for you

Tucked away in Brijnest, Hotel Clarks Amer, restaurant ‘The Library’ is far from the crowds that are gathering around the hotel due to its quiet spot.

When I was invited to this place for a review, I had the idea that this place would serve traditional South Indian dishes mainly Tamil dishes like rasam, rice, dosa, iddli and authentic South Indian platters just like any traditional South Indian restaurant would offer. However, when I arrived, I was surprised by the wide array of platters and chef signature South Indian dishes that were served to me.

How was the ambiance

There was an artist playing a folk instrument called ravanhattam as I headed toward the library, and as I entered I noticed neatly arranged tables with good spacing and banana leaves being laid on the tables.

It was cosy and comfortable near the large wall-to-floor window where I enjoyed the special dishes prepared by Master Chef Jaishankar.

What all they served

Going by the menu they served an amazing variety of south Indian dishes like dosai masala, mysore, rawa, coconut rawa, raggi, chetinad masala, charcoal dosai made with black rice, vadai, uttapam, medu and all-time favourite rasam. Despite the fact that the dishes might seem as easily available as others, the way they are prepared by the MasterChef makes them quite different from those that are readily available.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted with an earthen pot-like glass filled with hot rasam- It was slightly sour, spicy, hot, and bursting with flavours all at once. As soon as I finished this glass of rasam and enjoyed the warmth of this glass, I decided to take a walk around the space. A portion of it is dedicated to books, and the name of the space suggests it has a beautiful collection of books. As I walked through the shelves, I found a wonderful selection of fictions, non-fictions, and even some spiritual books.

Chef special recipes

MasterChef Jaishankar, The library, Hotel Clark's Amer

MasterChef Jaishankar, The library, Hotel Clark’s Amer

As I was busy reading an interesting book, MasterChef Jaishankar came with a platter of four South Indian food varieties of crispy dosas named Rawa dosai, Charcoal dosa, Chocolate dosa, and Ragi dosa. I was very impressed by the presentation of these dosas, as they looked like small mountains. I was most pleased with the variety of chutneys that were served with the platter, they ranged from tiranga chutney, mysore chutney, coriander chutney, orange chutney, tomato chutney, green chutney, Udupi chutney and many more.

Along with dosas, he prepared podimas cheese idli, tasty savoury rice balls called paniyaram. Well after having with the delicious spread, we were served authentic coconut drink that definitely helped digesting an impressive range of dishes prepared by chef with lots of enthusiasm.

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