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Nickky & Viicky Bhagnani’s ‘Badtameez Gill’: Vaani Kapoor to Lead the Charge


Vaani Kapoor to take the spotlight in the upcoming dramedy “Badtameez Gill,” portraying the titular character in a tale set against the backdrop of Bareilly and London. Produced by Nickky and Viicky Bhagnani, along with Ankur Takrani and Akshad Ghone, and helmed by director Navjot Gulati, known for his work in “Running Shaadi” and “Jai Mummy Di,” this modern-age narrative promises a fresh take on family dynamics.

Expressing their enthusiasm for the project, producers Nickky and Viicky affirm, “Vaani Kapoor is set to lead our ambitious venture, ‘Badtameez Gill,’ slated to commence filming in early May. She was our first and ultimate choice, embodying the essence of the character flawlessly.” The duo anticipates Kapoor’s portrayal to unveil a new facet of her acting prowess, perfectly aligned with the film’s comedic essence.

“Vaani Kapoor’s versatility as an actress is remarkable, and ‘Badtameez Gill’ offers her a platform to showcase her comedic finesse,” they assert, underscoring the unique synergy between Kapoor and the role crafted explicitly with her in mind.

Reflecting on Kapoor’s suitability for the role, the producers emphasize her real-life persona as a spirited and charming individual, qualities mirroring those of the character she portrays. “Vaani embodies the vivaciousness and confidence essential for the character,” they remark, confident that her on-screen presence will captivate audiences and elevate the film’s entertainment quotient.

As the production gears up for filming in Bareilly, the ensemble cast, including Aparshakti Khurrana portraying Kapoor’s brother and veteran actor Paresh Rawal as her father, promises a delightful cinematic experience. With its unique blend of humor and heartfelt storytelling, “Badtameez Gill” is poised to captivate audiences, marking a new chapter in Kapoor’s cinematic journey.

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