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YouTube has been using hashtags for a while now, New Way to Discover Videos


YouTube has rolled out landing pages for hashtags, which display videos with these unique hashtags. On its Google support page, YouTube posted about this, saying that this new feature would help users discover videos via hashtags.

Although social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter have used hashtags extensively over the years, so far, YouTube has just scratched the surface. Both the YouTube apps on Android and iOS and its desktop version will make the latest hashtag landing pages available.

On the Google support page, Jensen from Team YouTube shared that the usage of hashtags on YouTube would shift in a way that will help users discover videos by grouping together content.

Clicking on a YouTube hashtag so far will show videos that use the same hashtag combined with a lot of related content. With the update, the user is taken to a dedicated page by clicking on a hashtag that only has videos that use the specific hashtag.

Google has said that it would sort the dedicated page for that hashtag in such a way that the best videos appear on the top. It’s hard to assess what Google means by “best videos” as we found that videos that were at least not arranged by the maximum number of views were seen by clicking on #gaming. However, compared to just searching for the word, the hashtag landing pages do provide more precise results for videos.

A video posted on the Creator Insider channel of YouTube also shows that users will be able to scan for a specific hashtag and get to the hashtag landing page. A study by Engadget citing a spokesman for YouTube, however, says that this feature will be rolled out in the coming days or weeks.


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