Stay home stay fit with Princess Digangana Suryavanshi

Highlights :

A hassle-free workout to aid weight loss and enhance immunity
A complete workout routine that combines the benefits of jogging, gymming, yoga, and pilates.

Months of lockdown have forced people to abandon their regular routine of gymming, swimming, or jogging. Staying cooped up at home has made many running out of steam and feeling sluggish. As restrictions are lifting and we are inching towards complete unlocking in a phased manner, the opening of gymming or swimming pools still looks a distant reality. However, with ease in restrictions fitness enthusiasts can be seen hitting the pavement for jogging their way to good health. However, wearing a mask while running is also becoming a practice, which can pose serious health hazards. Under such circumstances, your choices remain few and limited. However, this does not imply that you should ditch your fitness routine; you can still partake in the workout the routine from home and reap the same benefits that you would get from a gym workout.

We spoke to Princess Digangana Suryavanshi on suggesting us a fitness plan that combines forms of yoga, pilates, and gym workout. Digangana is a proponent of following a fitness regimen with minimal paraphernalia for comprehensive and holistic health benefits. She suggests yoga for overall stretching and workout for full-body toning and strengthening. To do this specially concocted workout, you will need dumbles, a ball, a yoga mat, and a small space.

She demonstrated an innovatively curated combination of exercises including stretching, squats, and yoga to add resistance and tone up your torso, the upper body, lower body, core muscles, chest, and the back. The plan intends to build resistance, loose extra flab, enhance flexibility, and promote better sleep that leads to better immunity of the body.

Through this video, fitness enthusiast Digangana tried to curate a workout that is simple, interesting, and innovative.


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Kick-start the routine with Yoga and nothing can be an ideal start than starting with pranayama. This asana helps in improving overall health mainly the health of your lungs as you inhale oxygen while performing this asana. Pranayam aids in weight loss, improves digestion, blood circulation, manage respiratory ailments, reduce bloating, and calm your mind.

As you sooth your senses with Pranayam, move to vrikasana which enhances inner and outer strength tones the body and improves pelvic.

Get going with stretching and step up to get your cardio started, slowly move to squats, and improve your lower body strength. Squats are excellent for inner thigh and glutes. Core workout covers abs, hips, chest, and back. With leg crunches, you can tone your abdomen and strengthen legs too. The workout is designed to improve overall stability, posture, strengthen bones of hips, legs, and help you mentally. Digangana says, “All these forms of exercises boost your mood and release endorphins, better sleep and reduce arthritis pain and stiffness in the body if any”, she concluded.