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Discover royal hospitality with heritage hotel of Jaipur – Castle Kalwar

While going to Castle Kalwar for the lunch, all my colleagues and friends were cribbing and complaining repeatedly as to why I had booked such a distant and tucked away place for lunch. Even I started feeling skeptical by now as to how the place would finally turn out to be. It took us almost an hour to reach the Kalwar village from Jaipur city through the meandering narrow streets of  the village.`
But to my pleasant surprise, the moment the big portal of the Garh opened for the convoy of our cars, we instantly fell in love with the place, we were spellbound and awestruck of the place. The picturesque locale of the place and serene aura enchanted us all.
It’s a perfect edifice of Rajputana architecture with the influence of the Mughal era. The facade of the structure has enchanting arches and Jharokhas. Courtyard connecting with the quaint staircase leads you to the Baradari hall which is adorned with mirror work and artwork on the walls reminds and takes you to the yesteryears of Rajputana era depicting stories of their prowess and bravery. Sights of peacock strutting around, and royal architecture seeping into your senses. As you step inside the resort through imposing gates you find yourself surrounded by royal Rajasthani interiors and architect taking you on a time travel to the era of Rajput Royalty,  Interior of rooms here is a true blend of ethnicity and royalty.
Discover royal hospitality with Heritage Hotel of Jaipur - Castle Kalwar
Courtyard overlooking the swimming pool is an attraction to add on where you can roost and bask under the sun or can simply have a laid back lunch while sipping wine. The exterior of the place is not tempered much so that it doesn’t lose the old charm of the place. The culture of Rajasthan reflects in the dialect of the staff as the staff is very hospitable and courteous. 
We were served with refreshing welcome drinks on arrival. After having refreshing fresh lime and delicious Lassi as a welcome drink. Usher narrated the anecdote of the Garh while making us acquainted with the place. Picturesque background of the Garh was so trans fixating like it was surrounded by the hillocks, the flock of peacock and peahen livened up the garden and made the atmosphere more vibrant and lively as they were dancing with open plumage and tweeting voice. Having al fresco lunch on the bright sunny day on the verdant lawn was a memorable experience altogether. Whiff of the kebabs was coming from the Tandoor which increased the ghrelin and made us impatient. 
A smorgasbord of assorted kebabs like Hara Bharra, Bhutte key kebab, Dahi key kebab, tenderloin kebab, Chicken Satay were few which we relished a lot and were lip-smacking. We all gorged on lavish kebabs and ate till the Leez. By the time lunch got laid on the table we were so full but eyes were still prehensile to have more. Delicacies like Lal Maans, Gatta Curry with Panchrattan lentil, Bajra Roti, Daal Baati and Choorma made us more hungry to get succumbed. Although I tried to restrict myself from overeating, all sermon went in vain and I ate to the fullest. Desserts like saffron Rasmalai and Jalebi were the big hit and taste is still lingering on my tongue. Overall, it was a gustation delight. We snoozed and basked for a while and culminated with a cuppa and proceeded back with a lingering memory of the place. 
Location; Mundota Rd, Kalwar, Jaipur, Rajasthan
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