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Brands setup the fashion game with creativity and sustainability

Year after year and season after season fashion changes its course and color, sometimes innovation is added to the ensembles and sometimes old classic...

“Lockdown was a blessing in disguise,” says Jaipur based designer Mohit Falod

From big-fat Indian weddings to intimate weddings, with the close-knit group where a large number of guests are part of the ceremony through zoom...

“Change in strategy can turn losses into profits in Covid time”- Divya Saluja, Co-founder, Saundh

When most brands suffered and withered under COVID -19 impact and when people were sulking or cribbing over the business losses and crisis. There...

#CoverStory: Reel life Antagonist – Real Life Crusader: Sonu Sood, A Perfect Blend of Both

Philanthropy, altruism, and generosity run in his genes, born in the family where understanding the pain of others is a tradition and abnegation is...

2020 has been very bad, but the memes helped Us. The Best Internet Memes of 2020.

Life was not like a box of chocolates back in 2020. From keeping most partnerships virtual to spending more time in the kitchen, the ‘new standard’ contained everything. There was more pressure on the Internet to come up with more funny memes, with everyone spending more time indoors. The Internet, luckily, never disappoints. And 2020 has been a perfect year for memes, much like all the previous years. Today, we’re going to take a look back at some of the funniest memes and trends on the Internet that have helped us get through this awful year.

Nature is healing

It was time for nature to kick back and relax, with everyone locked up inside. While everyone was working and studying from home, air pollution levels began to fall, while some cities reported animals straying into urban areas (possibly to check if humans have left the planet or what). Some people have joked that humans on earth are the real viruses, and nature seems to be curing without us.

My plans vs 2020

Have you made arrangements for the year 2020? Well, all of us did. As terrible wildfires raging across Australia and a global pandemic taking shape across many nations began this year, individuals took to the Internet to express their discontent with the ‘My plans vs 2020’ meme. It was a brilliant way for people to vent their frustrations after everybody’s plans were flushed down the toilet in 2020.

Binod , Binod

In India in 2020, a simple YouTube comment from a user named Binod Tharu involving only his first name became a huge meme. Everybody immediately jumped in, from one pointless tweet to thousands of funny memes.

How it began vs. how it is going,

With time still not moving at all, and feeling like 100 years from March to October, the Internet came up with yet another hilarious meme. At the beginning of the year, the ‘how it began vs how it went’ meme compared the thoughts and feelings of everyone with how they felt when in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Celebrities have used the format to demonstrate their accomplishments.

Pallbearers Dancing

Earlier this year, a video clip of a group of men from Ghana dancing holding a coffin on their soldiers went viral on the Internet. A series of memes you could only laugh at in 2020 ignited it. At the end of any overall ‘fail’ moment, the meme was created by adding this video clip. They went so viral that they even made a video calling on everyone to dance with us or wear masks.

Is it cake? Everything is cake

Although the Corona Virus pandemic in 2020 was all about, it also involved a tiny portion of the planet turning into a cake. ‘Is that cake? During the summer of this year, ‘meme flooded user feeds on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other social networks. The meme consisted of videos of realistic objects such as shoes, bags, and even human limbs that are cut to show that they are literally made of nothing but cake using a knife. Part shocking, part ridiculous, making everyone doubt reality. What if it was just made of cake? A series of parodies were also sparked by the trend.

We probably skipped some memes you may have come across, and this year we found them hilarious. Drop a comment below and let us know about the 2020 Internet trends and your favorite memes.


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