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You can now scan barcodes for your grocery list with Amazon Echo Show

Finally, there is some good news for the Amazon Echo Show fans, as the smart speaker manufacturer has launched a new feature for its newer Echo Show device. Our news sources have reported that the new feature which Amazon has added to its Echo Show will let users add items to Alexa’s built-in shopping list. Users will be able to do this by just scanning the barcodes of the products with the help of the smart speaker.

Amazon has been calling the new feature as “Alexa Help,” and it will make adding stuff to the grocery list pretty much simple for the users. All that users need to do is give voice commands to the speaker. But there may be times when adding something very specific to the grocery list will be difficult to dictate, and that there can be a risk that the products which the smart speaker is choosing is a perfect fit for the family members.

The new feature that will enhance the experience of Alexa enabled smart speakers will be available only on Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 smart speakers with displays.

“To start the process, just say Alexa, scan this to my shopping list, and instructions will show up, asking you to align the product barcode with its digital counterpart on the screen.”

Our news sources tried to test the new feature on the Echo Show, and we have reports that the smart speaker, in order to add a carton of milk to the grocery list, added a very lengthy product description. The task would have been performed easily by just adding the brand and the item type.

At present, there are certain limitations to the new feature, but we are quite sure that Amazon will make improvements in the new feature in the coming time.

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