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We sold more than 6 million 5G phones in 2019: Samsung

A recent report has confirmed that Samsung in 2019 successfully sold 6.7 million 5G phones, including the Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, and the Galaxy S10 5G. The reports were shared today by Samsung, marking the fact that they have achieved better than expected sales for devices supporting the 5G network.

Though selling 6.7 million devices does not seem like a very good sales figure in the grand scheme of the phone market, it is still better than expected, the company added. Earlier, Samsung sold 2 million 5G devices, and the company was expecting to sell 4 million more devices by the end of 2019. And the company somehow achieved the figure.

2020 will be an exciting year for 5 G smartphone market growth. Unlike 2019 phones, which did not comprise solely of 5 G technology or supported only limited 5G versions as it was in the case with Samsung.

There are reports that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 processor would make it compulsory to join the next generation network in any Android flagships that it sells, albeit through a separate antenna instead of a completely integrated solution. Increased carriers ‘ 5 G rollout means that consumers are probably more interested in purchasing 5 G equipment too.

This clearly means that Samsung will now instead of coming up with separate 5G models for its Galaxy S11, or Note 11 will produce the models with mandatory 5G support. So, every S11 or Note 11 model will support 5G, and this will boost sales for sure.

But as all these are just leaks and rumors and nothing has been confirmed by Samsung itself yet, so the best will be to wait and watch until Samsung itself makes some official announcements regarding its upcoming 5G smartphones.

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