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The reason behind S20’s horrible sales figure is coronavirus: Samsung

We know that the tech world is deeply affected by the coronavirus outbreak, and the disease has impacted huge conferences, international and domestic travel along with others.

A recent report has confirmed that the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, Samsung, is also blaming coronavirus(officially known as COVID-19) for the decline in sales of its new smartphone. Samsung recently revealed that the reason behind the Galaxy S20 line’s horrible initial sales numbers in South Korea is the outbreak of coronavirus.

Samsung recently shared that its latest Galaxy S20 line smartphones faced a sales figure of 70,800 units on the very first day when it was made available in the country. While Galaxy S10 line, which was released in 2019, faced a sales figure of 140,000 units on the first day in the country.

The situation is even worse if you will compare the sales figure of Galaxy S20 line smartphones with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 line. Samsung launched Galaxy Note 10 line in the market in August 2019, and the smartphone faced a sales figure of 220,000 phones on the first day.

“Sales were affected by sharp declines in discounts for new phones and the number of visitors to offline stores due to coronavirus infection fears,” a telecom official told multiple news outlets.

The all-new Samsung Galaxy S20 line includes three smartphone models, and these are the regular S20, the S20 Plus, and the S20 Ultra. Samsung is selling the regular S20 for $999.99, while the S20 Plus and the S20 Ultra will be available for $1,199.99 and $1,399.99 each.

Besides Samsung, Apple also confirmed that the coronavirus outbreak had affected the demand for its products in China. Apple shared that at the beginning of February itself, it has closed all its stores in China, and the reason behind this was the coronavirus outbreak.




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