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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 will support 5G network

Finally, there is some good news for Samsung Galaxy Tab fans, and it is regarding the Galaxy Tab S6, which is the upcoming model in the Tab “S” series from Samsung.

A recent report has confirmed that Samsung will make its all-new Galaxy Tab S6 available soon, and the best part of the news is that the upcoming tablet will support the 5G network. This will make Galaxy Tab S6, the first tablet ever to support the faster connectivity.

One of the leading news channels reported that at present, Samsung’s Korean website lists Galaxy Tab S6 5G as a ‘coming soon’ product, and there are no official announcements regarding the release of the product in the market.

Besides this, there is no information available regarding the price of the device or what will be the specifications of the upcoming tablet. But the only thing which is confirmed is that Galaxy Tab S6 will be 5G enabled, which was mentioned at the end of the name on Samsung’s Korean website.

After Galaxy Tab S6 passed the WiFi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG, it was already being rumored for a while over the internet. It is likely that its 5 G version will basically be the same as the Tab S6, which was launched in September.

Talking about the Galaxy Tab S6, it is equipped with  Snapdragon 855, which powers the device to the core. The device has a very sleek design, with a gorgeous display at the front and is pretty much fast, but the only limitation is regarding the frustrating software features and numerous bugs that it has. We hope that the upcoming 5G enabled model will fix these issues for sure.

There are reports that Huawei is potentially still working on a 5 G smartphone, but we do not have a production timetable yet.

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