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OnePlus could come up with its own wireless earbuds soon

OnePlus 7 hands-on photo appears showing pop-up camera

We all know that everything today is going wireless, and so is the scenario with the gadgets, including earphones and headphones. The technology is so popular in the market that most of the people are ditching wired earbuds and are purchasing their true wireless counterparts

At present, there are many companies that are manufacturing wireless buds, but the most popular products in the market are still from Apple, Huawei, and Samsung.

Apple is dominating the wireless earphones market with its Apple AirPods Pro, which is the most popular device in the market, while Huawei, on the other hand, is competing with its FreeBuds 3, and at last who can forget Samsung when technology is being talked about. Samsung is also doing well in the market with its Samsung Galaxy Buds. And now, OnePlus looks like it might want in on some of the true wireless earbuds action too.

Regarding the concern, Tipster Max J. recently reached Twitter and in one of its tweets, alluded to new wireless earbuds coming from OnePlus. Though Max j. did not provide any detailed information regarding the upcoming buds from OnePlus, he just provided a concept image of the product on which the smartphone manufacturer is currently working.

OnePlus has its own wireless earbud line, but they feel a few years behind the competition with a cord connecting the two buds. A couple of true OnePlus wireless earbuds might be very impressive, especially because of the company’s record of dominating the market in the smartphone industry.

But can they cope with current deals or the next Pixel Buds 2? We’re going to have to wait and watch. We will update the article soon with the relevant information, till then stay tuned.


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