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Google rolled out Incognito Mode in Google Maps for Apple iOS users

A recent report has confirmed that Google has already rolled out Incognito Mode in Google Maps for Apple iOS users. Following the new feature, the iPhone users will have the opportunity to use the map service overruling the need to save search history in their Google Accounts.

Recently, Google Maps Product Manager, Marlo McGriff, said:

“Incognito mode on iOS will work in the same way as on Android, and while in Incognito Mode, any places users search for or navigate to will not be saved to your Google Account.”

As a result, no customized features in maps-based on previous searches or records, such as food preferences and reviews-will be shown, but users will be secure in the knowledge that their activities won’t be displayed on either their Timeline or Location History.

Besides the update for the iOS devices, there are reports that Google on Android handsets has also announced the introduction of bulk timeline data deletion. Following the new feature in hand, users from next month will be able to quickly find and delete multiple places from their Location History and Timeline at the same time, and this seems to be the best part of the new feature.

Location history will now be disabled by default, but users will receive reminders in emails to save and manage their data if enabled. Auto-delete controls have also been implemented to allow users to save information about location for three to 18 months.

Recently, Google interacted with the leading news channels, and in one of the statements, it said that devices that belong to the Pixel line will now receive new features consistently through updates. Google added that the updates would not only include standard security patches, but there will be new features every time and also for the older devices.


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