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Google launches Nest Mini in India for Rs 4,499

On Monday, Google added a new smart speaker in its Google Home series, and the new product is Called Nest Mini. Google, in one of the statements recently announced that the new smart speaker would succeed Google Home Mini. There are reports that Google will make its Nest Mini available in chalk and Charcoal color variants, and the smartphone will retail at Flipkart for Rs 4,499.

Google’s Nest Mini looks much like the original Mini in design. It has synthetic content on the outside, which Google says is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Google says that it has reconstructed Nest Mini for a better experience with Google Assistant. Nest Mini is reported to be stronger than Google Home Mini’s original. The audio tuning software is also provided to improve the audio experience. Some of the intelligent audio features include the ability to work in noise conditions because Assistant can module sound recording automatically depending on the background noise. The nearby sensors help to light up the LED as soon as the device is approached by users and show the lights to guide where the volume can be taped or adjusted.

“Some Google or Nest speakers can be connected to create a sound system for the entire home. Users can easily enjoy music, podcasts, and more at their homes by creating different groups in the Google Home app. Furthermore, stream transfers allow users to fill their homes with sound by transferring their music, books, and podcasts from speech to speaker simply using their voice, “Google said in a statement.

Nest Mini comes with a dedicated machine learning chip that allows the device to learn and process the most popular commands locally for faster response. Consumers in the US have had the feature so far, and it will soon be available for Indian consumers too.

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