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Google Duo adds new tweaks to video messages

While every tech firm is busy improving it’s messaging services, Google’s constant efforts of maintaining and improving its various services like Google Duo have not gone unnoticed. Obviously, all of their efforts have not been successful, but anyways Google Duo is one product that has been pretty impressive in many aspects and will be the face of Video calling and messaging with its amazing software functionality.

With days passing by, Google has constantly added new updates and tweaks to render it’s Google Duo into one of the finest products Google has created, and there is no doubt to the fact that its video-calling and voice mailing is still one of the best in the world.

With this, Google has decided to add another feature to Google Duo, and it is adding emojis to the reactions feature for video messages. For instance, you have received a video message from your friend, and you can simply tap the reaction button, which then displays a whole list of emojis. So now, depending upon the content of the video message, you will select the appropriate emoji, and that’s how simple it is.

Meanwhile, it is not something new to Instagram and Facebook users, which have similar features. With Instagram, it’s a quick swipe up, displaying a whole list of emojis, while reacting to Stories. In Facebook, a long press on the like button displays a few emojis displaying all sorts of emotions while reacting to certain posts.

As mentioned earlier, reaction to video messages in Google Duo can be done via emojis now. So, there all together eight new sets of emojis, that can be used while reacting to a video message. After choosing the appropriate emoji, usual events follow, the recipient gets notifications. People who regularly share video clips would be well aware of this feature.

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