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Google adds Chromecast Ultra setting to reduce Stadia latency

You can improve your home setup for Stadia by taking numerous steps. On TV, the game mode can reduce latency, and now there are reports that Google is implementing a Chromecast Ultra setting to switch on this optimization automatically. Found today on most TVs, game mode deactivates video processing and makes it possible to respond quickly. It’s actually one of the “pro tips” of Google to reduce latency at the stage.

Our news sources had reported that when Stadia was being casted, Google added the Chromecast Ultra setting to “Enable game mode automatically.” At the time when you will be watching videos, the functionality will be disabled, but you can even disable the whole configuration as well.

The setting of a game mode automatically activates when you cast your game from your device to a Chromecast-enabled TV. This setting allows a TV mode to reduce gameplay latency. We have reports that only compatible TVs can provide this feature.

The feature was first spotted on the Chromecast Ultra enrolled in the Preview Program last week. In the last few days, firmware version 1.42.180348 has been widespread to all Ultra dongle. This button is activated by default in Google Home settings. Join the beta channel if this version is not yet available on your device.

On Chromecast Ultra, the Google auto gaming mode for Stadia doesn’t help to make Streaming service much more seamless and does not require users to turn it on every time they want to play.

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