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Google adds a new feature to its Google Photos

We know that Google Photos is far from a perfect tool that can be used to organize your photo library, and now the search giant has added a manual face tagging which has made the application even more interesting. The feature has been spotted by our news sources recently, and it was missing from Google Photos since the company separated it in 2015 from Google+. But finally, the feature has arrived for Google Photos, but it has a major limitation.

In fact, you can’t just take a picture and get your friends and family tagged in that particular picture. The face recognition algorithm of Photos must recognize that there is indeed human or animal face on the image in order to take advantage of this feature. Often, the app doesn’t correctly mark people in situations like shots where somebody doesn’t see the camera directly. You can switch and add new tags where it works.

You can tap and swipe the picture to reach the overflow screen, or you can even tap a picture and click the three-point icon to reach the same place. You will see a pencil icon right on the “people” tab heading if the feature has rolled out to your phone. When you will click the button, you can change any tags as you see fit.

Google’s current face tagging is obviously not perfect, but it’s always a step forward. And Google has been good at improving photos intelligently than with many of its other apps. For example, the company has recently added a Speech feature that uses an interface similar to Instagram stories to surface your old photos. While a feature like Memories isn’t as attentive, most people will enjoy the ability to edit face tags, even if it is a bit limited at this time.

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