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Fire outbreak in Samsung chip plant in Korea: Report

A recent report has confirmed that Samsung’s chip manufacturing plant in South Korea caught fire last night. There are no casualties as of now, and the largest smartphone manufacturer has confirmed that the fire that broke out in Samsung’s chip manufacturing plant won’t affect the production line. The company makes memory, storage, and application processors at the plant.

Our news sources have reported that the Hwaseong plant of Samsung is situated to the south of Seoul, and the fire broke out at the plant last night at 11:18 PM. The reason that the fire did not disturb the production lines was that the fire broke out at an automated wastewater treatment deodorizer, which was quite away from the production lines.

Following the incident, Samsung interacted with one of the leading news channels and, in one of the statements, confirmed that it will fully co-operate with the fire authorities and will find out the root cause of the fire incident.

On the other hand, fire department officials also interacted with the news channels and conveyed that they successfully extinguished the fire by the early morning. And this was great news for Samsung.

“Two months ago, a minute-long power outage had caused massive manufacturing delays, causing millions in losses,” according to sources.

We have reports that Samsung shut down its smartphone production facility in South Korea after one of its employees was confirmed to be contaminated with coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. South Korea has become the worst-hit country outside of China, which has the most reported cases of coronavirus infections. Samsung’s smartphone production facility in Gumi has around 10,000 workers, and the company shut down the facility in order to stop the virus from spreading.

The coronavirus outbreak in China and other countries has impacted the smartphone business in a negative way, and there are reports that the global handset market is estimated to shrink 5 percent in the first quarter.

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