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Call Of Duty Mobile gets a Zombie mode

Finally, Activision has introduced a new mode to its most popular game, Call of Duty Mobile. The new mode is called Zombies mode, and it is a brand-new limited-time mode. If you want to play the game now, you can download it from Android or iOS.

The publisher outlined the features included in Call of Duty Mobile Zombies. This time-limited experience will take you to Shi No Numa, a tiny version of a classic Zombie map featured in the 2008 World at War call of duty. And if you want to unlock zombies in the game, you will have to reach player level 5.

In Call of Duty Mobile, there are two ways to play Zombies: Raid and Survival. Survival is an endless horde mode that recalls a traditional experience of Zombies. Raid is the latest Call of Duty Zombies game type, where you have to face a boss after a set of waves of the Zombies. Through Hardcore, both modes can be played, giving new rewards and challenges to the increased difficulty. In addition, Raid comes with two settings of difficulty, Normal and Heroic, which change the number of rounds and buff the final boss.

Call of Duty Zombies Mobile is a well-known experience for the ones who have previously been playing zombies in the other Call of Duty titles. You will start with a gun and a knife, earn points by killing zombies and boarding windows and buying weapons and ammunition, perk-y-colas, and coins. Buffs are new to the game, and they are “upgradeable advantages” that increases the damage and speed up your reload time in the game.

Players completing rounds in Raid and Survival will make them earn prizes too. Players will be rewarded at the end of every game for completing three full rounds. Call of Duty Mobile Zombies can be played in an online cooperative mode with up to three friends. Call of Duty Mobile gets a Zombie mode.

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