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Apple receives patents for surround sound-like technology

It has been observed with Apple to continuously improve its high-end Laptop machines in every aspect, with every passing year. And this year, Apple has successfully got the rights to brag about one of the most immersive speakers to be ever-present on a laptop. With Apple finally winning the patent, for a surround sound-like technology, things are bound to get even much better.

This particular landmark and thus the following piece of tech can add an altogether a different dimension to the experience of watching movies and TV shows or any other media, almost submerging the user to the point that they cannot distinguish between what’s on the screen and what’s real. With such amazing sound systems, Apple has finally won the hearts of many loyal customers.

Back in August 2018, when Apple(AAPL) had applied for the patents, nobody would’ve thought it to be accepted, until this Tuesday, when the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple the patent for altering the acoustics coming from a MacBook sound. Apple refers this to as a virtual acoustic system and expects it to be a major part of their sound systems in future MacBooks.

This so-called Virtual acoustic system aims to give users a more realistic and natural feel of the media, whether it be a movie or a TV show, or whether they are streaming a Sporting event. This would also add to the feeling of “being there” as assured by the patent. While trying to reduce noise as much as possible, it tries to divert it as much as possible, creating an illusion that the sound is not originating from the laptop itself.

Things, however, are still uncertain as to how long it would take this tech to finally be there in a MacBook because often in big firms like these, patent ideas are difficult to materialize. However, this concept can be implemented in augmented reality and gaming.

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